Trust’s bid to help planet

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Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is encouraging staff members to take part in Climate Week 2012 to help reduce carbon emissions.

Climate Week runs from March 12 – 18 March and encourages people to make changes to create a sustainable future by providing practical solutions to help the environment.

Last year, the trust reduced carbon emissions by nine per cent as a result of increasing awareness and encouraging staff to use less energy by turning off lights, making sure radiators and heaters are set to correct temperatures and turning off computer monitors.

The trust’s hopes to reduce its carbon emissions by ten per cent by using the same methods and getting more staff to walk to work, car share, turn down heating and report any issues to increase efficiency.

The week’s efforts will be measured by the estates and facilities department through energy smart meters.

Scott Darby, energy & environmental officer at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I’m hopeful we can make this Climate Week as successful as last year and the trust has an ambitious target to reduce our carbon emissions by ten per cent.

“I’ll be doing my part by walking to work all week and encouraging everyone I see this week to do a little bit more to reduce energy used across the trust.”