Travellers at a Chesterfield sports centre will not 'affect cricket festival'

The sports centre.
The sports centre.

A Chesterfield cricket festival will "not be affected" by travellers who are pitched on land across from the events site.

The four caravans are at the rear of Queen’s Park Sports Centre, on Boythorpe Road.

A Chesterfield Borough Council spokesman has said the Chesterfield Festival of Cricket which returns on Sunday, July will be "unaffected" by the travellers.

This is because the festival is on Queen’s Park which is separated from the sports centre by Boythorpe Avenue.

Sell-out on cards at Chesterfield’s cricket festival
A spokesman from the council said: "Our staff have visited the site this morning.

"If the travellers have not left tomorrow, they will be issued with a direction to leave the site.

"This will be followed by a summons on Friday and, if they have not left by the early part of next week, there will be a court hearing."