Second crash at ‘dangerous’ Derbyshire crossroads this week – with councillor ‘frustrated’ at lack of action

Another crash has taken place at a crossroads in Derbyshire – with the route branded ‘dangerous’ by a local councillor following a spate of accidents.

Derbyshire Police were called to reports of a collision between two vans at the junction of Mansfield Road and Main Street, near Palterton, at 7.55am this morning.

Nobody sustained injuries during the incident and both vehicles – a Vauxhall Zafira and a Citroen Berlingo – were both recovered just before 10.00am.

This was the second crash at the crossroads this week – with one driver taken to hospital after a collision on Tuesday, August 2.

The area has seen a series of accidents in recent weeks.

Councillor Joan Dixon, who represents Bolsover South on Derbyshire County Council, previously told the Derbyshire Times that the route is becoming increasingly dangerous – but the council have only recorded seven incidents in the past three years.

She said: “It’s becoming a real issue and I’m really frustrated. The road traffic accident data is not reflecting what is happening at the junction, and the council don’t realise quite how dangerous it is.

“The whole area around Bolsover is growing. There are new houses at every corner, and that whole area around Rylah Hill – which is in itself a dangerous road – is getting busier and busier.

“I know some people most likely won’t like traffic lights, but a few extra minutes of waiting is a price worth paying to stop someone dying.”