Council chiefs ‘wasting money’ over Hasland roundabout U-turn

Hasland's traffic lights will soon be no more.
Hasland's traffic lights will soon be no more.

Council chiefs have been accused of wasting money after they approved plans to replace Hasland’s controversial traffic lights with a mini-roundabout.

Some villagers claim the lights should never have been installed by Derbyshire County Council in the first place.

They were brought in two years ago to replace a mini-roundabout following a number of accidents in the village centre.

Reintroducing a mini-roundabout will cost taxpayers £160,000.

The decision was made after villagers called for the “nightmare” lights to be scrapped, blaming them for a string of crashes.

On the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook page, Deb Johnson said: “Another prime example of flushing money down the toilet only to have to right a wrong they did in the first place.”

Laura Batterham added: “So back to the old way – wasted cash.”

A county council spokesman said: “I don’t think we’d say it’s a waste of money to make improvements to safety.

“The traffic lights will be taken out and used elsewhere in Derbyshire.”

Work to reintroduce the mini-roundabout is expected to start before the end of summer.

• Despite the criticism, many villagers say they will be pleased to see the lights go.

Tracey Luckhurst said: “I may start visiting the shops in Hasland again. I’ve been avoiding the place because of the traffic congestion.”

Michelle Smith added: “Thank God they’re going.”

The changes, which were approved by councillors at a meeting this afternoon, also include bringing in a 20mph limit and two raised Zebra crossings.