Tragic OAP's final words to husband

A RETIRED Lea woman found hanged in a garage may have tricked her family in order to take her own life, an inquest heard.

Susan Mary Price (66) took an overdose of her husband Geoffrey's painkillers last October and was rescued with the help of neighbours.

She was treated for depression and doctors later believed she was "doing well" and ought to get out of the house more.

The Chesterfield inquest heard that Mrs Price had told her husband she would go shopping while he was at work on February 23.

"She called me and said she was in Marks and Spencer having a coffee. I heard footsteps and I'm convinced she was in our kitchen and never left home that day," said Mr Price.

"She said: 'You don't have to worry about me' and I think that was her goodbye message and she had decided what she was going to do."

Mr Price, a management consultant, thought his wife had gone missing, as she had done a number of times previously, when he arrived home from work.

He then opened the garage door and found her hanged with a plastic washing line tied around her neck.

Mrs Price had died from hanging and post-mortem tests indicated she had not taken her medication recently before the incident.

Mr Price said his wife had worked as a sales assistant at John Smedley factory shop and he believed the loss of her working routine following retirement had affected her.

He added that she was also unsettled by an extension to their cottage home at Cowgate House, Lea Road, Lea.

A letter from the NHS Trust stated that she was unhappy with changes made to the cottage, which she felt had destroyed its character, and she had not adjusted well to retirement 14 months earlier.

A statement from a medical practise at Crich stated: "It appears that she deceived her family and health professionals and planned her death."

Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Nigel Anderson recorded a verdict that Mrs Price took her own life.

"It may well be the case that she had been planning this for some time. There was no cry for help and there appears to have been genuine attempts to commit suicide previously, in different ways.

"On the day of the incident it appears that she had planned for everyone to be out of the way and she probably deceived everyone into thinking she was going on a shopping trip," said Mr Anderson.