Trade doesn’t stop at market

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The Bakewell Monday market took place as usual on the bank holiday supported by vendors and purchasers alike.

There were 352 cattle and 1,300 sheep sold at respectable price levels with plenty of highlights for the best.

An entry of 203 store cattle were generally well sold with most of the regular buyers on parade.

Steers topped at £1,045, heifers £1,050 and the best of the dozen or so cow and calf outfits reached £1,510.

There were 75 OTM cattle with trade much as last week. The best on offer making 178p and £1,674. The average settling at 114p.

Only 35 finished cattle met with a reasonable demand with plenty over 200p and the best on offer to 226p and grossing up to £1,398.

A small entry of 39 calves looked very dear with bulls to £445 and heifers £280.

Holiday markets are usually well attended by the sheep vendors and Mayday was no exception with around 1,300 forward.

The 160 spring lambs reached 295p and £117.45 per head to average 261.7p.

Just 533 old season lambs indicating dwindling supplies.