Town rally for pensions strike


A MARCH and rally organised by public sector workers against Government plans to cut pensions is to be held.

The event, organised by Chesterfield & District Trades Union Congress, will start at 11am in Rykneld Square, Chesterfield on November 30.

On the same day millions of workers are taking industrial action in what is thought to be the biggest strike in the country for generations.

“This is not just about public sector workers” said James Eaden, president of Chesterfield & District TUC.;

“Many private sector workers have seen their pensions ripped up and the changes to uprating will hit all existing and future pensioners regardless of where they worked.”

The rally marches through the town centre via Chesterfield Town Hall to Club Chesterfield on Chester St for a meeting to develop the campaign.

Chesterfield TUC are billing the event as family friendly and call on all concerned to add their support.

Colin Hampton, co-ordinator of the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centre, said: “The Government will try to divide people by saying because you no longer have an occupational pension in the private sector you should not support your colleagues in the public services.

“We need to stand together for fair pensions for all.”