Town clubs are needed for nightlife

CRACK DOWN: Police have launched a campaign to stop under 18s drinking in Chesterfield.
CRACK DOWN: Police have launched a campaign to stop under 18s drinking in Chesterfield.

FEARS a midnight drinking ban could kill Chesterfield’s night life have sparked calls for the town’s nightclubs to return.

Last week the Derbyshire Times exclusively revealed that new drinking regulations could see the town’s bars and clubs forced to stop serving alcohol at 12am.

Jason Hill, owner of several bars on Corporation Street in Chesterfield, said the move could kill the town’s night time economy – but Chesterfield Pubwatch chief Roger Butler said he supported the plans.

Mr Butler, director of Chandlers Bar in St Mary’s Gate, said: “My biggest concern is the direction the town is going in because of the loss of the night clubs.

“We no longer have the two-tier evening economy that we used to have of pubs and then clubs.”

A late night licensing survey carried out last year by Poppleston Allen, the UK’s leading licensing practice in the UK, revealed Chesterfield was among the five per cent of authorities likely to implement the new regulations.

Lifetime Chesterfield resident Conrad Spriggs, 47, of Old Hall Road, said: “I think pub opening times should go back to what they used to be when pubs opened at dinner time then again in the evening.

“What happens with 24-7 drinking is the clubs aren’t given a chance.”

He added: “Chesterfield used to have a good reputation across the county for night life.

“Now there isn’t anywhere in the town where you can get dressed up for, things are going down hill.”

Derbyshire Times Facebook friends also spoke out about the proposed drinking regulations.

Sheree Josephs said: “It will kill the nightlife more than it has already been killed, as there is no clubs to go to so at midnight no one would have anywhere else to go.”

Gary Topley said: “If clubs were reopened and they closed later with the pubs shutting earlier then I am all for that, closing them at midnight without anything after won’t do the nightlife any favours.”

Becky Rauer Were Bray added: “I think it should be like it was in 90s. Pubs shut at a set time and then off to club, if you want to.”

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