Tories keep control

ELECTIONS 2003: Derbyshire Dales District Council

The Tories increased their majority on Derbyshire Dales District Council — after taking all three seats from Independent candidates in Bakewell.

The shift in the market town was the only major change on the 39-seat council, which saw Conservatives win 24 seats, Labour five, the Liberal Democrats nine and one Independent returned.

Council leader Lewis Rose said he was delighted with the 'resounding victory.'

"We are very grateful to the electorate for putting their trust in us once again," he added.

"We expected to make progress in Bakewell but to win all three seats is splendid, and rewarding for the hard working candidates.

"We have increased our majority from three to nine, which makes it much more comfortable for us," added Mr Rose, who won his Carsington seat with a large majority.

Three Liberal Democrat candidates swept the board in convincing fashion at Darley Dale where David Burton polled 1,051 votes, David Fearn 1,014, and Sandra Fearn 989.

Turnout in the Derbyshire Dales District Council election was considerably down on four years ago.

In Bakewell, hotly contested by ten candidates, the figure fell from 51.4 per cent in 1999 to 46.4 per cent this time

Wirksworth had a 31.2 per cent turned out compared to 37 per cent in 1999 and in Matlock St Giles the figure fell from 44.4 to 41.8 per cent.


Ashbourne North (2 seats): FREDERICK ELLIOTT (Con) and ANTHONY MILLWARD (Con) - uncontested.

Ashbourne South (2 seats): ANDREW LEWER (Con) 517; ALAN HODKINSON (Con) 487; Che Page (Lab) 210; Lytton Page (Lab) 165. Turn out 24%.

Bakewell (3 seats): JUDITH TWIGG (Con) 1042; CAROL WALKER (Con) 810; JOHN PEARCE (CON) 786; Trevor Brighton (Ind) 531; Hilary Young (Ind) 452; Maureen Smith (Lib-Dem) 376; Helen Pocock (Lib-Dem) 351; Trevor Smith (Ind) 332; Joyce Steele (Lib-Dem) 298; Stephen Pope (Lab) 162. Turn out 46.4%.

Bradwell (1 seat): JANET GOODISON (Con) — uncontested.

Brailsford (1 seat): CAROL VALENTINE (Con) — uncontested.

Calver (1 seat): CATHERINE HUNT (Con) 575; Shirley Holt (Lib-Dem) 221. Turn out 49.5%.

Carsington Water (1 seat): LEWIS ROSE (Con 468); Julia PULMAN (LIB-DEM) 134. Turn out 40.2%.

Chatsworth (1 seat): MICHAEL LONGDEN (Con) — uncontested.

Clifton & Bradley (1 seat): IAN BATES (Con) — uncontested.

Darley Dale (3 seats): DAVID BURTON (Lib-Dem) 1051; DAVID FEARN (Lib-Dem) 1014; SANDRA FEARN (Lib-Dem) 989; John Wall (Con) 396; Howard Simpson-Birks (Con) 395; Terence Kilburn (Con) 344; Fionntann Page (Lab) 184. Turn out 37.8%.

Dovedale and Parwich (1 seat): SIMON SPENCER (Con) 441; Eric Page (Lab) 131. Turn out 46%.

Doveridge and Sudbury (1 seat): CHARLES BRINDLEY (Con) — uncontested.

Hartington and Taddington (1 seat): DAVID CHAPMAN (Con) 364; Eleanor Nancolas (Lib-Dem) 128. Turn out 38.1%.

Hathersage and Eyam (2 seats): JACQUELINE BEVAN (Con) and DAVID HOSKIN (Con) — uncontested.

Hulland (1 seat): JENNIFER RADFORD (Con) — uncontested.

Lathkill and Bradford (1 seat): WILLIAM MOORE (Ind) 320; Andrew Howard (Con) 293. Turn out 45.4%.

Litton and Longstone (1 seat): ROBERT OTTER (Con) — uncontested.

Masson (2 seats): JOHN MARCH (Lab) 395; NICHOLAS ELLIOTT (Lab) 328); Barbara Bowman (Lib-Dem) 248; Joanna Cochrane (Con) 237; Janet Beckett (Lib-Dem) 236; Vivienne Smith (Con) 230. Turn out 33.2%.

Matlock All Saints (3 seats): DAVID BARKER (Lib-Dem) 914); MARTIN BURFOOT (Lib-Dem) 897; GEOFFREY STEVENS (Con) 867; Martin Moss (Lib-Dem) 766; Melvyn Askew (Con) 566; John Smith (Con) 541; Ann Elliott (Ind) 413; Jacqueline Power (Ind) 262. Turn out 43.2%.

Matlock St Giles (3 seats): STEPHEN FLITTER (Lib-Dem) 1035; ANTHONY ALLWOOD (Lib-Dem) 913; URSULA LUNN (Lib-Dem) 815; Diana Dakin (Con) 703; Jacqueline Stevens (Con) 692; Barrie Tipping (Con) 665; Tane Page (Lab) 229. Turn out 41.8%.

Norbury (1 seat): KENNETH BULL (Con) — uncontested.

Stanton (1 seat): DEBORAH READ (Con) — uncontested.

Tideswell (1 seat): TRACY CRITCHLOW (Con) 282; Susan Barber (Lib-Dem) 272. Turn out 38%.

Winster and South Darley (1 seat): RAYMOND DRING (Lib-Dem) 400; Jean Wall (Con) 128; Paul Tozer (Lab) 91. Turn out 52%.

Wirksworth (3 seats): IRENE RATCLIFFE (Lab) 901; JAMES RATCLIFFE (Lab) 822; PETER SLACK (Lab) 820; Kevin Hall (Con) 468; Gladwyn Gratton (Con) 452; Lesley Hall (Con) 405. Turn out 31.2%.