Top tips to stay safe while Christmas shopping


Here are Derbyshire Constabulary's top tips on how to stay safe while out Christmas shopping.

- Keep mobile phones or wallets inside a secure bag worn across the body or an inside pocket with a zip instead of easy to reach back pockets. Also, secure your purse to your handbag with a purse chain to help prevent it being stolen by thieves;

- Be aware of people distracting you with tricks and tales such as two people seeking directions, drawing your attention to something, bumping into you or possibly “shoulder-surfing” when you are making payment using a chip and pin machine;

- If you return to your car with items you have bought but intend to continue shopping, please put the goods out of sight, preferably in the boot. Check if anyone is watching whilst you do this?

- Shopping online this Christmas? To help you to keep your details safe from cybercriminals, ensure that your virus protection is up to date and only purchase goods from reputable websites. Using a system such as PayPal, rather than entering your card details, is also a more secure way of making payments online;

- Don’t leave presents on view at home – opportunist thieves will see it as a gift for them. Keep larger and valuable items under secure lock and key;

- Second-hand goods can sometimes seem a bargain but please remember that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

- Register valuable gifts such as mobile phones, tablets, other electrical items, bicycles and even jewellery for free at, the national police approved property register. It can improve your chances of having your items returned to you should they be lost or stolen.