Top names back drive

Sally Boazman. Photo contributed.
Sally Boazman. Photo contributed.

A GOVERNMENT minister and a BBC radio star have jumped on board the Derbyshire Times’ campaign Respect on the Roads.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning and BBC Radio 2 traffic reporter Sally Boazman have praised our drive, aimed at stamping out road rage, inconsiderate driving and a lack of patience on our hazard-ridden, stress-laden highways.

Mr Penning said: “I welcome this campaign and hope it helps to improve safety on the roads for the people of Derbyshire.”

His backing comes after the government announced a package of measures to target people who drive selfishly and aggressively by tailgating or undertaking others.

Ms Boazman – affectionately known as “Sally Traffic – has been delivering travel news and updates to listeners of BBC Radio 2 since 1999.

She said: “Every day I report on accidents across the country – some result in untold heartache and devastation for hundreds of families.

“If everyone learns to respect our roads, be more considerate to each other, and less angry, then accidents could be reduced drastically.

“Please support the Derbyshire Times’ excellent campaign Respect on the Roads – and when driving, always remember these three words: care, courtesy and consideration,” added Ms Boazman.

So far, 90 road users have got in touch with us, with each and every person pledging to be more polite and more courteous on our roads – and more forgiving of drivers, cyclists, riders and pedestrians who make mistakes.

If you would like to join them and back our campaign, send your name, hometown and, if you would like, why you’re pledging, to, write to Respect on the Roads, 37 Station Road, Chesterfield, S41 7XD or via our website, Twitter or Facebook.

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