Top cabbie welcomes regulated meters

A LEADING taxi-driver has praised the introduction of new regulated meters to control fares and stop tampering.

Chairman David Hopton, of the Hackney Drivers’ Association, welcomed Chesterfield Borough Council’s decision to standardise meters for Hackney and private hire cabbies so the system now operates with fixed-rate fare readings across the region.

Mr Hopton said: “We’ve been pushing for this for a couple of years because a minority of rogue cab drivers who have tampered with meters have tarnished law-abiding drivers’ reputations.

“The council listened to the trade and I praise them for bringing in this regulation.”

New meters are programmed and calendar-controlled to operate correct and proper rates at different times of the day and on Sundays and bank holidays.

The council also recently introduced limits on the numbers of cabs in the region after The Hackney Drivers Association campaigned that too much competition was making it hard to earn a living and was leading to meter tampering.