Toddler has head ‘jigsawed’ back together

Archie, 3 with brothers Spencer 8, left and Callum, 12 right and Cheryl
Archie, 3 with brothers Spencer 8, left and Callum, 12 right and Cheryl

Cheeky Archie Dodd is finally able to play football for the first time after surgeons reshaped his skull and put it back together like a jigsaw.

The three-year-old, of Glapwell, was suffering from a rare condition that meant his skull fused together.

His parents Cheryl and Paul were told that if he did not have the operation his skull could crush his brain.

Surgeons had to cut his head apart and then piece it back together again to prevent it growing out of shape.

Mum Cheryl, 38, said: “It was a horrendous time. When he was about three months old we could see the shape of his head didn’t look right but we were told at the time there was nothing to worry about .”

Archie was finally diagnosed with a rare condition called Craniosyntosis and underwent a 14 hour operation which involved cutting his head from ear to ear in a zig zag pattern.

For six months after surgery Archie had to wear a special protective helmet but now the cheeky youngster is well enough to play football for the first time with brothers Callum, 12 and Spencer, eight.

Cheryl said: “He’s been through so much but he never moans.

“He’s been absolutely amazing and loves running around with his brothers.”

Hesham Zaki, consultant neurosurgeon at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, who operated on Archie, added: “We were delighted we were able to help Archie and successfully re-model his cranial cavity to allow his head and brain to grow normally.

“This type of operation is complex but Archie has made an excellent recovery and is a healthy little boy who will now develop normally.”