Time to have your say on benefits

THE Derbyshire Times reported on the latest welfare changes being introduced by the Government.

Some of these Government reforms have already been introduced, some are on the way.

These welfare changes could see some people lose up to £100 per month in benefits.

As leaders of the three local councils in north eastern Derbyshire we are seeing the effects that these changes are having on many local families and we would urge those who already are or who could be affected to understand the implications, plan ahead and seek help if they are worried they may struggle to meet their essential outgoings.

The latest proposed changes are to Council Tax benefit: from April the Government will reduce the money it gives to councils to pay Council Tax benefit.

The local authorities are required to come up with a new system for calculating the benefit that makes up the shortfall.

Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire councils have worked together to propose new local systems that are as fair as possible.

Under our proposals, pensioners would be protected from the changes but working age people who currently receive Council Tax benefit could be affected.

During September and October we are consulting with local residents on the proposed new system for Council Tax benefit.

We would urge people to find out how they could be affected and have their say!

For advice, contact yourlocal council which can signpost people to other support agencies.

Eion Watts, Leader,

Bolsover District Council

John Burrows, Leader, Chesterfield Borough Council

Graham Baxter MBE,

Leader, North East Derbyshire District Council