Thug targets horse in evil acid attack

NDET 1-6-12 BWJ 1 Horse Attack at Killamarsh. Julia Clayton.
NDET 1-6-12 BWJ 1 Horse Attack at Killamarsh. Julia Clayton.

A SHOCKED animal lover has been left distraught after a heartless thug targeted her horse during an atrocious acid attack.

Julia Clayton, 26, of Rotherham Road, Killamarsh, discovered her 18 year-old horse Thomas the Tank Engine traumatised with horrific scars around his neck and mane.

She said: “I’m trying to keep a level head because I just can’t believe someone could be sick enough to do this to a defenceless horse.

“This person must have known where to find the field where I keep Thomas because it is off the beaten track which means they must have walked to it with the acid knowing exactly what they wanted to do.”

Thomas suffered bloody wounds to both sides of his neck and his nose and he has lost fur and part of his mane and he is likely to be left scarred for life.

Julia added: “All his skin bubbled up and it looked like someone had slashed him with a knife but when I tried to rinse the wounds his skin came off.

“The vet came out and took a swab and said someone must have poured some kind of acid over him.

“I learned to ride on him and he used to be really friendly but since this has happened he doesn’t want anyone near him.”

Thomas is undergoing treatment with creams and medicines but, according to Julia, the vet said the possibility of the fur and his mane growing back are not good.

Derbyshire police are eager to track down the offender and they want to speak to anyone who may have any information to help them with their investigation.

Witnesses can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.