Three’s our magic number!

ndet 54624 Mastin Moor Thorpe family. L-R, Amelia, Vicky, Ben, Holly, Simon and Luke.
ndet 54624 Mastin Moor Thorpe family. L-R, Amelia, Vicky, Ben, Holly, Simon and Luke.

GOOD things come in threes, small packages and to those who wait, as the sayings go.

And putting practice in the proverbs is one Mastin Moor family, who have just welcomed their third child to be born on January 3 – two-week-old Amelia.

It seems that three really is the magic number for parents Simon and Vicky Thorpe, who already devote that date to the birthdays of two of their other children, Jack, 12 and Holly, 8.

But with little Amelia’s arrival completing the hat-trick, January 3 is set to be a busy day in the Thorpe family household.

“We can’t get our head around it,” said Vicky, also mum to Ben, 9 and Luke, 3. “It is so strange to think that they share the same birthday, especially because they weren’t due on that date.

“Jack was the first and he was due to be born on Christmas Day but he hung on in there. Then on his fourth birthday, Holly came, although she was due on the 2nd. People are just in shock. They keep saying ‘you never had Amelia on the third as well?’.”

And according to Vicky, the three don’t just share a birthday – they also share characteristics.

“All five of my children have been good as gold, but the three of them have especially been sleepy babies. They also look a lot like their dad, whereas Ben and Luke look more like me.”

The coincidences don’t stop there. Ben was born on June 6, whereas Dad, Simon is born on June 7 and Luke’s May 14 birthday comes a day after Vicky’s.

Vicky said: “I don’t think Ben and Luke feel left out because they still almost share birthdays with one of us.”

The Thorpes are now welcoming their newest arrival to the clan, although Vicky insists Amelia will be her last.

“There won’t be any more babies born on January 3, that’s for sure,” she added.

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