Thieves reveal meat in skirts after joint raid

From the courts
From the courts

A STORE guard was left gob-smacked when two thieves lifted their skirts to reveal a stash of stolen sausages and meats.

The Romanian travellers raided Chesterfield town centre’s Co-op store and attempted to flee with eight chickens, ten gammon joints, salami and continental sausages hidden in pockets in their skirts.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Adriana Muntean, 27, and Ionella Muntean, 23, both of Stone Close Avenue, Doncaster, said they had come to Chesterfield to shop and admitted stealing £82 worth of meats after they were spotted on CCTV, tracked by a security guard and led back to the store.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, said: “The guard was surprised when they took joints of meat from under their skirts and placed them on a table. Their skirts were voluminous in long layers with deep pockets.”

Mrs Griffiths added Adriana Muntean explained the pockets in their skirts were not uncommon for people of her ethnicity. Both offenders pleaded guilty to the thefts committed in October.

Jon Barber, defending, said the offences were not sophisticated and they had come to Chesterfield looking for work. Adriana Muntean has three previous shoplifting convictions and Ionella Muntean had a caution from police for a similar offence.

Deputy District Judge Andrew Davison, who fined them each £185 with £41 compensation and £85 costs, said: “I’m told this type of dress is normal for you but it’s not normal to stuff it full of chickens and meat. This was a joint offence with some planning.”