the question is...why? Does anyone really care?

Just one question: Why our street?

Why have we got four prohibitive road signs on our street that read ‘No Motor Vehicles except for access’?

Why don’t drivers understand them, didn’t they learn the Highway Code?

Why do driving schools teach learners to drive on our street?

Why do drivers say ‘I didn’t see any signs?’

Why do Tesco shoppers who cut through think the signs don’t apply to them?

Why did that rude woman shout and swear at some of our residents when she was cutting through?

Why do some football fans still insist they have not parked illegally?

Why do motorists think it’s a race track at night?

Why does a shop that’s not based on our street encourage parking here?

Why do taxis cut through when not picking up or dropping off a fare?

Why do visitors to the car boot sale line our street on Sunday mornings when the Proact Stadium has a car park?

Why do some people take up two spaces to park?

Why don’t the parking enforcement officers work on our street?

Why can’t the traffic police do more?

Why haven’t our local councillors done anything to help us?

Why can’t the road signs be changed or updated to ‘No Entry, Residents Only?’

Why can’t our street be safe and quiet like it used to be?

Yes we know its more than just question but why doesn’t anyone care about our street anymore?

Joan Ellis & Michelle Anderson

Residents of Nelson Street