The men battling it out for top cop role

NDET 96221'Stock pic - generic photo of beat bobbies Police in Chesterfield Town Centre
NDET 96221'Stock pic - generic photo of beat bobbies Police in Chesterfield Town Centre

The five men vying for a top Derbyshire police role have set out their stalls.

On Thursday, November 15, the public will be able to vote for the county’s first ever Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The official will be responsible for setting priorities for Derbyshire police, overseeing the force’s budget and hiring the chief constable.

The PCC role replaces existing local police authorities which are made up of 17 elected and appointed members including councillors and magistrates.

New police and crime panels will hold the PCC to account.

Here, the five candidates competing to be Derbyshire PCC tell us why you should vote for them.

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Alan Charles

Labour candidate for Derbyshire PCC

This is a new, important role that I will use to lobby Government against further cuts to our police force which would create incalculable risks for Derbyshire. I will not privatise police support services. If private companies can find savings, so can I. Unlike them I will re-invest savings into policing Derbyshire; not put them into shareholders’ pockets! My initial policing plan will prioritise community policing, protecting vulnerable people, taking domestic violence seriously, caring for victims, dealing with serious crime and wildlife crime. It will also consider ways of preventing people with mental health problems entering the criminal justice system.

Simon Spencer

Conservative candidate for Derbyshire PCC

A former Derby firefighter for nearly 18 years, now a local businessman and a local politician, I believe I am the right man for this job. I also believe that this new role will improve accountability, transparency and make more efficient use of resources. Crucially, I believe that this role will reconnect the pubic with the police and mark the biggest change to policing in over 100 years. My pledges are to reduce crime, make Derbyshire people safer and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our police force. Also, if I am elected, I will be your representative, so if you have been a victim of crime then I want to hear what you think should change or be done differently. This election is important because it is you that gets to change policing by voting for a single individual who will represent your views. Put your trust in me on November 15 and I will champion law and order for you.

David Gale

UKIP candidate for Derbyshire PCC

Born in Derby, I am a company director and ex-full time operational police officer with 25 years experience of strategic leadership and business transformation in large public and private sector organisations. I have extensive experience of delivering neighbourhood services that include the police, council services and the voluntary sector, not just in the UK but across the world. I also have specialist experience in protecting vulnerable children, as well as holding public sector agencies and government to account. I say no to privatisation and will focus on delivering more bobbies on the beat.

Rod Hutton

Independent candidate for Derbyshire PCC

My offer to the people of Derbyshire is my professional and commercial career helping businesses that are maybe on the verge of collapse get back on track, and 19 years’ service as a volunteer police officer with the Metropolitan Police Service. These make me qualified for this role but no single skill gives me advantage over my opponents. Instead I’ll be using all of my experiences and skills gained from my policing and commercial experience combined; these enable me to stand out from the rest with proven results in achieving substantial success in policing initiatives. Victims, witnesses and communities will come first when deciding on Derbyshire’s priorities.

Rob Lane

Independent candidate for Derbyshire PCC

I am not a career politician and have never worked for the police, so I will be able to truly represent ordinary people. I think people are heartily sick of the career politicians, who break promises with little regard for the people who’ve elected them. These elections are a unique opportunity to elect a different kind of person to public office and I hope the people of Derbyshire seize this opportunity and keep party politics out of policing. I will strive to put the heart of this new, exciting role in the right place – at the centre of our communities.