The key to unlocking additional sale value

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With confidence returning to the property market, unused space could be the key to unlocking additional sale value, according to the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA).

Jan Hÿtch, President of the NAEA, said: “It sounds basic, but clearing your home of clutter and making the best use of space can help sell your home and increase its value.

Many homes have space that’s simply used for hoarding items that don’t ‘go’ anywhere else. If this space can be cleared before a viewing, it can help prospective buyers see more potential in the house; if you can find an alternative use for it, all the better.

“If a buyer feels like they could make their mark on a property, or the property simply feels more spacious, it makes it a far more attractive proposition. The benefit of effectively displaying your home and any available space should not be underestimated – this applies to the garden too.”

The NAEA’s top tips are:

Evaluate your space – Storage is often at a premium and before putting a home on the market it is always worth assessing areas that might be overlooked. De-cluttering rooms by building new cupboards and clearing out junk can help buyers see the potential of these often undervalued spaces.

Don’t stop inside – If you have a garden, cutting back larger plants and clearing unused garden furniture can give a better impression of size. As an ‘outdoor room’ a garden can benefit hugely from a considered tidy-up. Clean patios and a freshly mown lawn can also help increase the garden appeal of a property.

Repaint and revamp – Painting a room in light, neutral colours and updating the lighting can help turn an unloved space into a great selling point.