The agony and the ecstasy

Tory rule continued in the Derbyshire Dales as the Conservative party increased its strong majority by one seat.

Twenty-nine of the 39 seats at Derbyshire Dales District Council were at stake in this year's election, with candidates gathering at Wirksworth Leisure Centre on Friday while ballot papers were counted.

The Conservatives kept control of the council after ten ward members returned to their seats unopposed and the party gained a seat to bring its total to 26.

Labour lost one seat to make its total four, while the Liberal Democrats took eight seats and the Independents took one.

Cllr Judith Twigg, who was re-elected as a Conservative councillor for Bakewell, alongside colleagues Cllr Peter Duncan and Cllr Carol Walker, said: "It went extremely well. It is good for Bakewell that there are three councillors who have lived here most of their life."

She added: "This is the boost that Tories needed for the next General Election."

The Liberal Democrats won the most votes in the Darley Dale ward with three candidates – David Burton, Nigel Allwood and David Fearn – becoming ward councillors.

Cllr Fearn said: "We can never take votes for granted – we are very grateful. Now we need to maintain voters' trust."

Matlock town councillor Barry Hopkinson won a place on the district authority – polling 865 votes on the Matlock St Giles ward, to depose Ursula Lunn who polled 661 votes.

Cllr Hopkinson said: "I have butterflies in my stomach. It was my hope to get in and I have done it."

He said that he hoped his policy to assist anybody, no matter what party they supported, helped him to take the seat.

Irene and Mike Ratcliffe took two seats in Wirksworth to make it a Labour ward with Cllr Peter Slack.

Mrs Ratcliffe said she was pleased that people still supported them and said that they would "not let them down".


*indicates elected candidate

Bakewell: *Judith Twigg (Con) 1200, *Peter Duncan (Con) 1041, *Carol Walker (Con) 1057, Patricia Birchley (Lib Dem) 479, Pamela Molyneux (Lib Dem) 448, Elinor Nancolas (Lib Dem) 386.

Calver: *Cate Hunt (Con) 632, Marija Nicholson (Lib Dem) 185.

Carsington Water: *Lewis Rose (Con) 553, Mary Smail (Green) 93, Guy Wheatcroft (Lib Dem) 80.

Chatsworth: *Michael Longden (Con) 648, Zoe Wareham (Lib Dem) 210.

Darley Dale: *David Burton (Lib Dem) 1016, *David Fearn (Libl Dem) 978, *Nigel Allwood (Lib Dem) 934, Brian Fearn (Con) 541, John Evans (Ind) 471, Samantha Kay (Ind) 456.

Dovedale and Parwich (No contest): *Simon Spencer (Con).

Hartington and Taddington: *David Chapman (Con) 417, Richard Bardsley (Lib Dem) 140.

Hathersage and Eyam: *Jacqueline Bevan (Con) 1039, *David Hoskin (Con) 1008, Barbara Bowman (Lib Dem) 455.

Lathkill and Bradford: *Andrew McCloy (Ind) 406, Andy Howard (Con) 207.

Litton & Longstone: *James Bentley (Con) 491, Veronica Rainsford (Lib Dem) 198.

Masson: *John March (Lab) 427, *Peter Hume (Con) 403, Tony Davis (Con) 380, Nicholas Elliott (Lab) 366, David Wildgoose (Lib Dem) 152, Tracy Steadman (Lib Dem) 149.

Matlock All Saints: *Susan Burfoot (Lib Dem) 997, *Geoff Stevens (Con) 964, *David Barker (Lib Dem) 911, Ann Elliott (Con) 833, Sam Gregory (Con) 773, Martyn Moss (Lib Dem) 715, Erik Douglas (Green) 289.

Matlock St Giles: *Stephen Flitter (Lib Dem) 1042, *Barry Hopkinson (Lib Dem) 865, *Tony Rosser (Lib Dem) 865, Jacquie Stevens (Con) 761, Barrie Tipping (Con) 787, Ursula Lunn (Con) 661.

Stanton: *Shirley Buckingham (Con) 346, Pat Wildgoose (Lib Dem) 235.

Tideswell: *Tracy Critchlow (Con) 344, Timothy George (Green) 95, Shirley Holt (Lib Dem) 94.

Winster and South Darley: *John Moseley (Con) 371, Colin Swindell (Lab) 249, Martyn Wright (Lib Dem) 220.

Wirksworth: *Irene Ratcliffe (Lab) 937, *Mike Ratcliffe (Lab) 789, *Peter Slack (Lab) 780, Gladwyn Gratton (Con) 637, Helen Walker (Con) 508, Josh Stockell (Green) 504, Gavin Williamson (Con) 433, Roger Green (Lib Dem) 387.