TEMPLOE NORMANTON: Stephen Wright elected as parish council chairman

The AGM of Temple Normnton Parish Council was held on Monday, May 13. Stephen Wright was elected at chairman for the coming year, with David Smith as vice-chairman.

Clerk and finance officer Dorothy Neal presented the financial report. The chairman’s report, and the school governors’ report were given by Stephen Wright; and questions of parish concern were taken from members of the public present at the meeting.

Cllr Betty Hill of North East Derbyshire District Council, who represents Temple Normanton, and Derbyshire County Cllr Julie Hill, were present. Cllr Julie Hill was congratulated on her election to represent Sutton Ward, and she outlined her responsibilities as a newly elected councillor. Cll Betty Hill congratulated the parish council on their achievements during the past year, and their success in attracting funding for disabled access to the allotments, new parish seating, and the play park.

Cllr Betty Hill and the Corbriggs Action Group were thanked by the parish council for their help and support in the recent campaign about the MXG site at Corbriggs.