Teenage girls admit assault on former pal

From the courts
From the courts

BAD blood over a fling led to two girls launching a street attack on a former friend.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Monday that Charlotte Rouse and Alice Oates, both aged 19, abused Amy Barnes while she was working at the Evolution bar in Chesterfield and as she left work and arrived home.

Defending solicitor Bob Bashforth said Rouse had had a one-night stand with Amy Barnes’ boyfriend when they had split up and there was an exchange of unpleasantries before hostilities broke out near their homes.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, said Oates pushed Ms Barnes to the ground and Rouse grabbed her hair and punched her repeatedly and claimed Oates kicked her.

Ms Barnes alleged Rouse had warned her not to grass her up when police arrived and as officers left Rouse allegedly punched her.

Rouse was later arrested and said a scuffle broke out after Ms Barnes had insulted her and Oates argued she had only pushed Ms Barnes after stones were thrown at her window.

Oates, of Dawlish Court, Devonshire Close, Newbold, and Rouse, of Edinburgh Road, Newbold, admitted the August 19 assault but because their accounts of the incident differed from the victim’s the case was adjourned for a Newton hearing on January 21 before sentencing. Mr Bashforth argued stones were thrown at Oates’ window and Ms Barnes demanded to see Rouse. He said Rouse and Ms Barnes pushed each other, fell over, landed punches and pulled hair but Rouse denied kicking Ms Barnes or threatening her if police were informed.