Tech shop owners in Chesterfield were heartbroken after shop break in

Do you know this man? CCTV has captured the break in at Tech CPR
Do you know this man? CCTV has captured the break in at Tech CPR

Thousands of pounds worth of stock has been stolen and staff are bracing themselves for a tough Christmas

Tech CPR, Computer shop on Whittington Moor has been trading for four and half years and in the early hours of Wednesday, November 11 the shop was broken into and three quarters of their stock had ben taken including laptops and white macs.

Co-owner Mark Woods, 28, said: “It’s heartbreaking to know some low-life has broken in and destroyed everything we have been working so hard for.

“There is always an increase in electrical item thefts in the run up to Christmas and knock effect impacts so many people.”

The store which has three paid staff and one volunteer, are all gutted and do not want to let their customers down but have ploughed all their funds into their equipment which was taken.

“Christmas is going to be tight for everyone as we have to and find money to get more stock which means staff will be taking home smaller wages.

“We are covered by insurance but it is just a matter of when we can claim it back.”

Mark added: “It’s not fair but we are a small business so we need to come out fighting it just seems bleak at the minute.”

The police have been contacted but anyone who knows the man captured on the CCTV footage should 101.