Teachers are risking trust: What are they hiding?

According to NASUWT the striking teachers have been forced to take industrial action, because that is the only way they as “dedicated professionals” can ensure that they can focus on children’s education.

The union is demanding a cap on the amount of observations (three a year). The school agrees to this amount, but would like the opportunity to be able to give extra observations if they think the teacher requires extra support. Funds have been put in place for this, but the unions disagree.

How can they say they are the putting children first or caring for their welfare or focusing on their education if they are not in school but on a picket line?

If the teachers aren’t careful parents will assume they have something to hide. The union says it is to defend their working conditions and want to limit observations so that they do not become intrusive.

Assessments can only do more good for the school, identifying areas for improvement, and help the school to gain a better OFSTED report which is what Dunston school is striving for.

Vi Frisby

Supporter of Dunston Schoolasd