Talked about Derbyshire art project comes to an end

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Derbyshire’s most talked-about arts project of the year, Derwent Pulse, has finished its epic river journey at Trent Mouth, having stirred the imagination of local communities the entire length of the 66-mile waterway.

Over 1,400 people from a wide range of backgrounds have been directly involved in the project, including pupils from six local schools and colleges who took part in dedicated workshops writing poetry and songs, as well as making maps and drawings of ‘their’ river.

Fishermen and canoeists joined such diverse groups as motorbikers, ramblers and Quakers to help shepherd theilluminated light spheres at different stages, setting the scene for what was effectively 17 separate live arts works in just one month.

Over 4,500 spectators turned out to watch Derwent Pulse make its way from the remote moors of the Peak District, in early October, to the confluence with the Trent south of Derby, and the feedback was typified by Lisa Allsop who went to see the lights at Belper, she said she loved watching the pulse.

She said: “It was beautiful and lovely to see.

Well done to everyone who organised the event.”

Chair of Belper River Gardens, Trevor Griffin, echoed her sentiments.

She said: “I am so pleased that the Derwent Pulse attracted so many into the River Gardens and I wish to thank you for making and organising this most beautiful spectacle.”