Take time out to train your dogs

Time and time again I see dog owners yanking their dogs back and/or shouting at them for pulling on the lead.

Don’t you know your dog is a pack animal which means it has to be put into the right pack level, and therefore naturally think they are the leader of the pack?

It’s very simple to understand. It can take a mere 30 minutes to train your dog to stop pulling on the lead - that’s all for your dog to be a much happier pet and for you to stop mistreating it as if it is being badly behaved.

If it doesn’t know any better, then how can it be misbehaving or doing it just to annoy you.

Yanking a dog at the neck hurts - how would you like someone doing that to you all of the time? As always, it’s the owner who is at fault unless the dog is totally untrainable due to your giving it bad habits to begin with, of course.

It’s a wonderful pleasure to see dogs who are obviously very happy and well behaved thanks to their loving and responsible owners taking the time and trouble to train them or get them trained by a professional.

They should be part of your family but it is very confusing for them to be loved one minute and then get shouted at and yanked back on their lead when they are taken for a walk.

Walks should be pleasant for both the dog and the owner. It should not be stressful and nor should it be stressful for others to see.

I also see cyclists dragging along their dogs with absolutely NO CARE for how tired the dog might be, how much it needs to stop to go to the toilet or how big or small the dog is - the smaller the dog the harder it is on their little legs even if the dog has been brought up and is used to doing this but it’s still unacceptable.

I would like to put the owner on a lead and cycle at full speed to see if he or she can keep up! It’s disgusting and totally wrong to take a dog out like this.

What would happen if it stumbled and then went under the wheels of the cycle or a nearby car? I’m sure any animal welfare organisation would be up in arms at this act of blatant cruelty and disregard for the well-being of their dog.

I have even seen someone being pushed in a wheelchair and the (obviously old) dog being pulled along and not being allowed to stop to go to the toilet (I have witnessed this) which to me is what the idea of supposedly ‘walking’ a dog is all about - a leisurely, exercising walk with the appropriate pit-stops is what your dog is entitled to.

It makes me so sad to watch these particular dogs. If I were to approach the owner and suggest training, I would either be sworn at, told to mind my own business or labelled as an interfering crank!

Dogs deserve a good life, don’t they? Especially as there is so much cruelty in this world. None of us are here forever so make life happier for your dog and other animals in the time that we have. Thirty minutes to train your dog – that’s all.

Christine Kneeling