Superhero skydiver Karol to jump for first-aid charity

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Superhero skydiver Karol Koniarski will be undertaking a parachute jump in a bid to raise hundreds of pounds for first-aid charity St John Ambulance.

Karol, 33, from Walton, known as Ski, will be doing the parachute jump on Monday, June 30 as part St John Ambulance’s signature fundraising event – the Superhero Skydive.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, the money he raises will help the nation’s leading first aid charity continue its mission of saving lives.

Karol, who is regional fleet and facilities manager for the charity at its regional HQ in Chesterfield, is taking part in the skydive because he would like to see every building used by the public have an accessible AED (automated external defibrillator).

In June last year his father-in-law was conducting his tri-weekly workout in his local gym when, without prior warning and having always been healthy and active, he had a massive cardiac arrest.

Luckily the gym was equipped with an AED but his heart stopped for 15 minutes and it was thanks to the swift actions of the gym staff trained to use the life-saving equipment, and an off-duty nurse, that his life was saved.

Now Karol – who was in the army for ten years and has completed 12 parachute jumps including static line and freefall – is aiming to reach a target of £2,000 by making it his personal mission to jump, run, walk, cycle and swim to help raise awareness of the importance of first aid in saving lives.

He said: “At St John Ambulance we believe no one should suffer for the lack of trained first aiders.

“Had it not been for the quick actions of those individuals trained in life saving first aid my father-in-law would not be with us today.

“Thanks to them my children Florence and Sebastian have been able to enjoy growing up with and getting to know their grandfather. So I have decided to make it my personal ambition to raise as much money as I can to help save more lives.

“The first challenge I have set myself is a parachute jump in June this year in aid of St John Ambulance as part of their Superhero Skydive challenge.

“I hope to raise enough money for two AEDs and I hope people will support me and give as much as they can. This is just the first of several daredevil antics to raise awareness of my cause,” he added.

After the Superhero Skydive, Karol plans to continue his fundraising challenge by taking part in events across the East Midlands including the Chesterfield marathon.

To support Karol visit or telephone 01246 200272.

Donors can also text GIVE EM to 70800 to donate £5 to St John Ambulance in the East Midlands.

To register for the St John Ambulance Superhero Skydive or for more information, visit or call 01246 200272.