Super slimmer achieves her Navy dream

Booticamp babe Melissa Beer
Booticamp babe Melissa Beer

A Ripley woman has lost an incredible five stone in her bid to join the Royal Navy thanks to an exercise and diet plan set by Ripley fitness group.

Melissa Beer, 23, of Loscoe Grange, decided enough was enough when she reached a weight of 15 stones 9 pounds so she joined the Booticamp Babes fitness group.

She said: “I was extremely unhappy and my self-esteem had hit rock bottom.

“The Booticamp team put me on a ‘Clean Eating’ meal plan and I attended up to four classes a week.

“My first goal was to get below 13 stone, after achieving that I set myself a new goal to get fit enough to apply to join The Royal Navy. To be able to do that I had to get my body mass index (BMI) to below 28 and raise my fitness levels.

“With commitment and dedication I managed to get my weight to 10 stone 12 pounds and was able to finally start the application process for my future career.

“I am now, not only a very proud member of the Booticamp team but I’m also delighted to say that will be starting my career in the Royal Navy later this month.”