Summer priorities for local policing teams

NDET94881 Inspector Stone Chesterfield Police
NDET94881 Inspector Stone Chesterfield Police

“SPRING is here! The time of year for April showers, lighter evenings, and even snow.

It is also the time of year that as a force we reflect back on the previous year’s performance and look for ways and ideas to improve.

A key part of that is to plan for the summer months when demand for our services can be at a peak.

This year will be extraordinary in that it will have some special challenges due to events like the Olympics and The Queen’s Jubilee.

However, you can rest assured that my priority will be to continue to reduce the numbers of people becoming victims of crime in and around the Chesterfield area.

As temperatures increase you can help us by making sure that you close your windows and lock your doors and sheds whenever you go out or even into the garden.”

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