Subway confirms its stores in Chesterfield won’t be included in halal plans

Subway have confirmed that their three outlets in Chesterfield will continue to serve non-halal meats despite plans to make some UK stores halal only.

Friday, 2nd May 2014, 2:10 pm

The international sandwich chain sparked controversy this week when it announced 185 outlets in the UK will no longer serve bacon or ham in order to meet demand from Muslim customers.

This is because the pig is considered unclean in Islam and the consumption of pork is strictly forbidden under sharia law.

But a spokesman for the chain said the three Chesterfield stores in New Beetwell Street, Cavendish Street and Sheffield Road will not be included in the changes and will continue to serve bacon and ham.

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The spokesman added: “There are Subway stores in the UK and Ireland serving the traditional menu and there are some stores offering a Halal menu to accommodate consumer demand.

“Customers have many choices as to which store they want to visit since there are almost 1,700 Subway stores in the UK.”