Sub-zero race for Marianne

SP88139 Marianne Harding set for the Canada winter race.
SP88139 Marianne Harding set for the Canada winter race.
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A THRILL-SEEKER will brave bone-chilling temperatures and the risk of frostbite when she embarks on a 300-mile winter race in Canada next month.

Marianne Heading is preparing to spend up to eight days running across frozen rivers and lakes in temperatures ranging from -30°C to -50°C in the Yukon Arctic Ultra - dubbed the world’s coldest and toughest ultramarathon.

Forty-year-old Marianne, from Holmgate Road, Clay Cross, said: “I can’t wait to get out there - I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

“Being alone in the middle of nowhere will be fascinating, and who knows, I may get to see the Northern Lights which would be fantastic.

“Obviously I’m concerned about frostbite - that is the biggest risk.

“If you throw water into the air, it turns to snow - it’s that freezing out in Yukon.”

Marianne, who works as an information systems manager, will have to carry a number of items - including food, water, a stove, sleeping gear and emergency supplies - on a sledge during the race.

The brave adventurer will have to support herself although she will be able to stop off at a series of checkpoints where she will be given much-needed hot meals and drinks and get checked out for frostbite.

“It’s all about survival,” said Marianne, who took part in a shorter version of the race last year.

“You’ve just got to keep moving and not give up.”

Marianne caught the ultramarathon race bug after she worked as a volunteer at the checkpoints when her brother took part in the challenge a couple of years ago.