Student is green king

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STUDENT Daniel Freeman has been crowned recycling royalty.

The 17-year-old won eco-friendly prizes from Derbyshire County Council after the authority teamed up with the Derbyshire Times to find a green king or queen.

His going the extra mile – even bringing bottles home to recycle – beat several entries.

“I was surprised and didn’t really think I would be getting prizes for this,” said Daniel, a sixth form student from Belper.

“Hopefully it might inspire others.”

The council gave Daniel an eco-kettle, recycled glasses, a battery charger and a goody bag.

Cllr John Allsop, cabinet member for technology and recycling, said: “Daniel sets a great example to everyone with his dedication to recycling, which has such positive environmental benefits. Keeping rubbish that could be recycled out of landfill is very important to Derbyshire. He is a worthy winner.”