Strike protest over pensions

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CHESTERFIELD College staff are holding strike action and protests today, March 24, against Government funding cuts and changes to their pensions.

Protestors have been gathering with banners around the college site, off Infirmary Road, and along Sheffield Road, in the town, raising concerns about feared cuts to pensions as well as jobs and pay.

A University and College Union spokesman said: “Members are taking strike action to defend their right to a fair pension.

“Staff in colleges and universities across the UK are under attack on all fronts from cuts to jobs and pay and now our pensions too.”

The UCU claims The Teachers’ Pension Scheme is at risk from proposed Government changes and staff are at risk from losing “a fair and dignified retirement”.

Union members believe the Government is demanding cuts of up to £852m from their pension scheme and fear this will mean having to pay more into their schemes from wages, older retirement ages and pension losses worth thousands of pounds.