Street pastors needed to help keep people safe in Chesterfield

The man who founded the street pastors' initiative has been welcomed to Chesterfield.

Monday, 2nd April 2018, 1:20 pm
Updated Monday, 2nd April 2018, 8:05 pm
Les Isaac, fifth from left, with street pastors at St John's Church in Chesterfield. Picture by Anne Shelley.

Les Isaac and his wife Louise visited the town and met Chesterfield's amazing street pastors who are celebrating six years of service.

Mr Isaac - who started the initiative in London in 2013 - told them: "Our challenge is to take the gospel and put it on the street.

"Our challenge is to be salt and light.

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"When people see that you’re doing something, they show appreciation.

"I believe that every Christian should become a street pastor or a school pastor for at least for 18 months."

Jacky Kendrew, coordinator of Chesterfield street pastors, said: "We had a great time with Les and Louise."

Chesterfield's street pastors are uniformed Christians who are dedicated to helping keep the peace in the town centre.

Working alongside police and paramedics, the trained volunteers visit pubs, clubs, nightclubs, foodspots and taxi outlets and befriend, support and listen to people who need help.

Between the hours of 10pm on Saturday and 3am on Sunday, they hand out items including water to prevent dehydration and flip-flops for revellers unable to walk home in their killer heels.

They also pick up glass bottles in a bid to reduce hospital admissions and remove potential weapons from the streets.

The town's street pastors have intervened to help 367 people in difficulty and have taken the time to engage 495 people in conversation.

They have given out 1,000 bottles of water and more than 1,200 pairs of flip-flops and picked up around 7,000 glass bottles.

In addition, there is a dedicated team of school pastors working alongside staff at Parkside School.

If you would like to become a street pastor or a school pastor, contact Jacky by calling 01246 345750 or emailing [email protected]