Store to investigate after mannequin almost falls on three-year-old

A Chesterfield mum has spoken of her shock after a mannequin almost fell on her daughters in a town centre shop.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 6:51 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:08 am
Amie Chapell with her daughters, Isla, three and one year old Indie.

Amie Chapell says she was left ‘upset’ by the incident which happened last Wednesday in New Look on Vicar Lane.

While her children were left unhurt, Amie is worried the outcome could have been so much worse - especially after the recent tragedy in which a ten-year-old boy died in a store in Reading.

Amie, 27, said she had nipped into the shop on the day with one-year-old Indie in a pram and three-year-old Isla by her side.

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She said: “Like all three-year-olds Isla is very adventurous and doesn’t always do as she is told.

“When she saw the two mannequins she thought they were big dolls and went to touch one of them.

“Unfortunately they weren’t secure and one fell into the other and then both fell onto the floor.

“Myself and my two daughters were terrified as they caused such a loud crash.

“I worry that if they had fallen onto either of my daughters or anyone else that it could have caused a serious injury or even worse could have been fatal.”

Afterwards, Amie says a member of New Look’s staff told her she should be careful with her daughter following the recent incident in Topshop.

“I came home so upset,” said Amie.

“I even questioned whether I was a good parent even though my daughter was at the side of me at all times.”

Amie says she has since contacted the manager to complain but now wants everybody to be aware of the dangers ‘store furniture’ can pose.

A spokesman for New Look said: “There was a recent incident in our Chesterfield store when one of our mannequins was pushed over.

“While the incident did not cause any injuries, the health and safety of our customers is of the upmost importance and so we are currently investigating the matter further.”

Last month, ten-year-old Kaden Reddick died after a queue barrier fell on him at a branch of Topshop in Reading.

After the tragedy, all Topshop stores were closed and not reopened until the barriers had been taken down.