Stones reset after flooding

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Two stones from the famous Dovedale stepping stones have been reset after heavy rain dislodged them.

The two stones, situated across the River Dove in the Peak District, were dislodged in July after debris gathered behind them.

Simon Nicholas, a park ranger for Dovedale, said: “The Peak District thrives from tourism, so it was a case of the sooner people can access the stones again, the better.”

The stepping stones, which join the two banks of the River Dove at the Southern end of Dovedale, came loose when a great deal of debris was swept down the river due to the heavy rain and gathered underneath the stones.

The National Trust has confirmed that the stones have been reset and are now safe to cross.

Mr Nicholas added, “It can be quite dangerous trying to get them back in to place. It’s remarkable how powerful the water can be.”

The crossing, which consists of 17 stones, was set in the 19th century to help tourists get across the river, a feat that was orignally accomplished by riding a donkey.