Stick to your pledge and fix our roads

One of the things that I notice time and again around my area is the number of potholes in the road.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 11:14 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 12:19 pm

Now this may seem a trivial thing for the majority of readers, but I feel its something that everyone will notice.

Given the ‘Beast from the East’, parts one, two and three, and on-going council budget cuts, the state of the roads in the area seem to be getting worse and staying that way for longer.

Since January, I have personally reported multiple cases of pothole and road maintenance issues to the county council around my local area.

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In that time only one has been resolved, and even then it appears to be a half hearted attempt.

This is despite the Derbyshire Conservatives in their 2017 manifesto pledging to:

“Put more money into road maintenance to help offset Labour’s cuts...”

One area that I have visibly noticed a deterioration in the road surface, has been around the Green Farm flats off Loundsley Green Road. The potholes seem to get deeper and larger and there isn’t one bit of intact road in the area. I accept this is due to residents’ cars, taxis and the regular number two bus, but I think anyone will see they are in a pretty bad state.

What also made me laugh recently was a recent leaflet sent out by the Conservatives, which claimed that they had fixed 45,000 potholes across the county. I don’t know where they were looking but its certainly not around here!

This got me wondering about how effectively the county council spends the 70 per cent share of the council tax we send to Matlock? Judging by the state of some of the roads in Chesterfield, not on that!

So I ask the county council to stick to its pledge and be pro-active in fixing the local road network in Chesterfield. It maybe relatively minor, but it will get noticed and appreciated by many residents.

Matthew Genn

Lib Dem activist

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