Stampede sheep drown in slurry

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an UNCONTROLLED dog killed 12 sheep by stampeding them into a slurry pit in Butterley where they drowned.

Owner Ian Woodward, who rents the field near Coach Road from Butterley Park Farm, discovered the sheep on Saturday and hauled them from the lagoon of cow manure.

Mr Woodward (37), a livestock farmer from Duffield, said: “About a dozen had their ears hanging off and were bitten on their back legs.

“They had been panicked and driven through a secure fence and into the pit.

“I managed to pull two or three out but I was afraid of going in myself.

“It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner. They want educating about the damage a dog can do. We don’t know who did it and there’s no evidence.”


Mr Woodward said that some ewes could lose their lambs because they have been so badly traumatised.

Some of the 150-strong flock, which Mr Woodward grazes on the 25-acre site during winter, were scattered into a nearby caravan park and others were found wandering on roads and in gardens.

He is currently innoculating bitten sheep against infection.

Police could not confirm whether the attack was linked to a similar incident on Saturday morning in the same area when a loose dog chased and killed four hens and a cockerel and left two others with deep bite wounds.

An eye-witness to that attack said the dog’s owner was a woman in her 40s who stood by and watched until two workmen caught the black and white springer spaniel type.

PC Miriam Roche is investigating both incidents and a report, made two to three weeks ago of a Japanese Akita dog which allegedly killed five sheep in the same area.

She said: “There were no sightings of any dog attacking the sheep but we found large pawprints.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Roche on 0345 123 3333 (2049).