Springfields hit town

Legendary singer Mike Hurst brings his fellow vocalists The Springfields to Buxton Opera House on Thursday, January 26, as part of a nationwide tour.

Mike is one third of the original Springfield vocal group, alongside Dusty and Tom Springfield, who were the first British vocal group to have a top 20 American chart hit in 1962. The Springfields were the top group in the UK in 1961 and 1962/3.

Dusty became an international star and Tom went on to write and produce many hits for Australian group The Seekers.

Mike later became one of the most successful British independent record producers of the 20th century, producing hits with stars as diverse as Cat Stevens, The Move, The Spencer Davies Group and Shakin’ Stevens amongst others.

In May 2011 he was asked to perform at The Albert Hall in a big charity concert for Macmillan Nurses as The Springfields. Putting the group together at short notice, Mike and The Springfields proved to be a big success, so much so that agents suggested a tour in 2012.