Spire design revealed for signs

New 'Welcome to Chesterfield' signs with the spire added.
New 'Welcome to Chesterfield' signs with the spire added.

A new design has been revealed for the controversial ‘Welcome to Chesterfield’ signs.

The signs stirred up anger when they were rolled out in April without any reference to our Crooked Spire.

But after months of criticism business bosses have bowed to public pressure and agreed to add the image of the famous church.

Marketing team Destination Chesterfield has now unveiled the new-look signs which features a spire similar to the one created by a mysterious graffiti artist dubbed ‘Chesterfield’s Banksy.’

A spokesman for Destination Chesterfield said the signs are set to get updated as soon as possible, now the highways agency has approved the changes.

Derbyshire Times Facebook friends gave their views on the signs.

Carla Longmate said: “The Crooked Spire is part of Chesterfield, it should be on the signs.”

Josephine Marie Griffiths added: “And so it should be added but what a waste of time and money.”

Fiona Mam Mcdermott said: “That’s what’s Chesterfield is famous for! Even my little boy of three asks where it is on signs!”

Daniel Cresswell added: “So basically council took old signs down and put new ones up (costs money) then decide to replace them with the spire design (costs more money), get ready for a hike in taxes to pay for it.”

A spokesman for Destination Chesterfield said they were going through a tendering process to find a designer to add the image to the signs and at this stage could not confirm when they would be updated or how much the changes would cost.