Speeding motorists caught in Unstone

A number of motorists have been issued with tickets after they were found to be exceeding the speed limit in Unstone.

PC Sally Horner undertook speed checks on Unstone Main Road today (Thurs) to help boost safety on local roads.

She used a laser gun to monitor traffic speeds, which was partially funded by a number of local parish councils.

During the checks, four motorists were found to be travelling faster than the 30mph speed limit, with one car moving at 43mph.

PC Horner, of the Unstone and Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Speeding and road safety is a common concern for residents and the speed equipment helps us to tackle the issue and make our roads safer for all.

“During my checks, the majority of drivers abided by the set speed limit, but there were a small number of motorists who were found to be exceeding the limit and were issued with Fixed Penalty Notices for breaking the law. I hope this reassures residents that we do listen to their concerns and we will continue to clamp down on dangerous drivers in the area to keep the roads safe.”

To speak to a member of your local Safer Neighbourhood team call 101.