Speed watch volunteers wanted for Clowne

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POLICE in the Clowne area are appealing for volunteers who would like to help them reduce speeding traffic.

The Clowne Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team is looking to start up a Community Speed Watch scheme to help target residents concerns.

Community Speed Watch, which is currently running in other areas including Mastin Moor, Brimington, Newton, Blackwell and Ashgate, involves local volunteers and officers patrolling together and using radar guns to monitor the speeds of passing traffic.

Letters are then sent to speeding drivers, asking them to respect speed limits.

Motorists are warned that if they continue to speed, they risk getting a fine and that the data recorded by the scheme will help officers identify locations for speed detection equipment.

PCSO Simon Galley of the Clowne Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “The scheme is all about raising awareness of speeding in areas where residents feel there is a problem and about the community working together as partners to help keep our roads safe.

“All you need is just a few hours a month, training is provided and people are never asked to patrol alone or to confront motorists.”

To register your interest or for more information contact the Clowne Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team by calling 101, the non emergency number for Derbyshire police, or emailing bolsover.neighbourhoods@derbyshire.pnn.police.uk.