Speed limit call rejected

NDET 96496'20's Plenty campaigners in Chesterfield
NDET 96496'20's Plenty campaigners in Chesterfield

CALLS to cut speed limits to 20mph in all residential roads across Chesterfield have been snubbed.

Campaigners held talks with Derbyshire County Council highways chief Cllr Simon Spencer to push for the controversial change.

But the authority has rejected the request – saying there were better ways to improve road safety.

Lisa Hopkinson, from campaign group Transition Chesterfield, said: “We’re deeply disappointed.

“We hope the county council will respect the wishes of Chesterfield people and reconsider their position.”

Latest figures reveal there were 348 casualties involving 28 adult pedestrians and 12 child pedestrians on all of Chesterfield’s roads in 2010.

Mrs Hopkinson added: “Many other local authorities have committed to 20mph as the default speed limit for residential streets.

“This measure could significantly reduce road casualties as well as encourage more people – especially children – to walk and cycle.”

Charles Brown, of local pedestrian pressure group Living Streets, said campaigners would carry on with their battle.

“We remain positive we will succeed in our fight to get 20mph speed limits introduced on all residential roads in Chesterfield,” he added.

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: “20mph limits and zones can work in reducing casualties in certain circumstances but they generally need to be supported by additional traffic calming measures and we only install them when we believe they are the most effective solution to a problem.

“There is also no evidence to suggest that introducing 20mph speed limits encourages people to walk or cycle.

“We believe there are better ways in most cases to reduce casualties across Chesterfield and don’t believe there is a case for introducing 20mph zones and limits across the entire borough.”