Special constable arrests prolific offender in Shirebrook

Michael Lazny on his voluntary patrol in Shirebrook
Michael Lazny on his voluntary patrol in Shirebrook

A Polish special constable from a neighbouring police force made an arrest on his first ever patrol in Shirebrook.

Michal Lazny of Nottinghamshire Police was with Shirebrook officers on Saturday, October 10 as part of a partnership to help local police build relations with the Polish community.

And while being escorted by Sergeant Church and PC Kat Newton-Jones where they came across a man acting suspiciously.

The officers discovered the man was wanted by Nottinghamshire Police in relation to a dwelling burglary in their county and he was also wanted on warrant.

Sergeant Church said: “During Michal’s time with us, it was great to see the initial surprise but then the warm acceptance from local residents that a police officer was talking fluently to them in both English and Polish. It certainly helped us local officers to engage more positively with people and we were able answer lots of questions about various issues. We also spoke to people about the possibility of joining the Special Constabulary and Police Volunteer Scheme in Derbyshire.

“I have now been the local Safer Neighbourhood team sergeant for just over six weeks and I am having a great time being supported by a great team. We are committed to making Shirebrook a happy and safe place to live and work.”

Michal added: “The Shirebrook Safer Neighbourhood Team is a great example of how strongly motivated and dedicated people can make a difference to the local community. I believe that such people are great assets to any police force. It was a pleasure to spend time with Derbyshire Constabulary colleagues.”

To find out more becoming a Special Constable for Derbyshire Constabulary visit:http://www.derbyshire.police.uk/Careers/Special-Constabulary-Recruitment/About-Special-Constables.aspx

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