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Whitemoor, band from Belper, including Gary Cole/ Barrington Mole
Whitemoor, band from Belper, including Gary Cole/ Barrington Mole
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AT the very first sight of the album sleeve, I knew Whitemoor were going to be interesting.

The Derbyshire lot flourish with their debut, self-titled record: a sparkling electro-tinged effort with rock and roll vocals Kurt Cobain would be proud of.

Tracks such as Remember Remember and impressive opener Three Words are almost like a monologue of an angry, heartbroken teen, while Fingerprints is a belter, emphasising their brilliant mix of synths and indie styling.

Without sounding clichéd, there really is nothing out on the Derbyshire circuit quite like Whitemoor, maybe a few underground bands that haven’t arisen yet, but Whitemoor hold their own by throwing this out there.

Tangled with melodic intros and gorgeous lyrics, it’s the eccentricity that defines them. Giving Derby a taste of what an up and coming indie band should sound like.

The dirty, choky vocals keep the album interesting without sounding too way out, it’s lovely stuff too.

Whitemoor are sounding like a hopeful summer festival soundtrack - because that’s what it is.

I’m slightly surprised too, I really didn’t expect such a polished, cleaned up record.

The whole album is impressive and the band expand and investigate into more sounds to fulfil their music, making it even more diverse and exciting.

I’d definitely recommend a listen if you’re a fan of Maximo Park or Delphic.

The lads dive into a new, barely touched soil of music and I pray to the musical Gods that they dig up some treasure while they’re there, because Whitemoor are great.

It’s refreshing to see really talented musicians create an album like this.