Some thoughts about UKIP: Do not spoil ballot paper

I could not disagree more with Alan Craw, letter 8th November, whether or not the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioner will not be successful.  

I’m sure we would all wish our police force to become ever more effective, but asking people to deliberately to spoil their ballot papers is not exactly the way to do that. 

Alan’s comments about the political parties involved are, for UKIP, wide of the mark.  

Yes, we do want to withdraw from Europe and if we don’t we will in time become a welded in part of a political union.  Then we will have to take a common system of policing and of the subsequent judicial organisation.  I wish to assure you that is to be avoided at all costs.

In the UK we have the writ of Habeas Corpus, not known on the continent.  We also have the precious protection of trial by jury, again not a continental practice.  

Perhaps Mr Craw would like it if on being arrested as a suspect in a serious crime he could be thrown into jail for six months without trial or recourse to a solicitor or even before a charge has been preferred.  They do that in France and the six months jail can be extended by the magistrate by three months as many times as he likes. 

That is just a comment about crime and punishment but UKIP has a great deal more to offer than that.

Derek Clark

UKIP MEP for Derbyshire