Smoke-free new year for blogger Sean

Sean, aged 37, who works as an NHS manager, has managed to quit smoking.
Sean, aged 37, who works as an NHS manager, has managed to quit smoking.

Strong-willed dad Sean Thornton has beaten his 30-a-day cigarette habit to make it a smoke-free new year – with a little help from his son.

Sean, 37, who works as an NHS manager, decided to try to quit in October after taking to heart the comments of his young son, Jim, a first-year pupil at Westfield Infant School, who asked him “don’t have a ciggy, daddy”.

Sean, from Chesterfield, enlisted the support of Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust’s Stop Smoking Team to help him prepare for his quit date and started a blog to chart the many ups and downs of giving up his addiction to nicotine after 20 years as a smoker.

The blog, called Diary of a Former Smoker, offers insights for others who want to quit through the personal story of one man’s journey to become an ex-smoker.

Sean, who has now been totally smoke-free for eight weeks, said: “I wanted to do this for Jim.

“I really want to be around to see him grow up and get married if that’s what he decides to do.”

Tina Jones, tobacco control programme manager for Derbyshire Community Health Service NHS Trust’s Stop Smoking Service, said: “Evidence shows that people who have expert support to give up smoking are four times more likely to succeed than those who try to go it alone.

“Sean has done fantastically well and other long-term smokers can take encouragement from his story.

“We offer support to anyone who wants help to give up smoking – especially at this time of year when people are thinking about their new year resolutions.”