'Small' rise in council tax planned for Chesterfield residents

Chesterfield Town Hall.
Chesterfield Town Hall.

Chesterfield Borough Council is planning to raise council tax, the Derbyshire Times has learned.

The proposed increase will see council tax bills for those in a band A property rise by 6.4 pence per week - or £3.33 per annum. Most residents in Chesterfield are in a band A property.

Properties in band D will see charges rise by 9.6 pence per week - or £5 per annum.

Councillor Tricia Gilby, leader of the Labour-led council, said: "Since the last local elections in 2015, we have lost more than £1.9million each year in funding from the Government.

"We continue to work hard to raise new income through encouraging more businesses to locate and grow in the town, through increasing the numbers of users of our sports and cultural venues and through renting out parts of the town hall to other tenants.

"But to maintain the quality of the 50 plus services we provide for our residents in the face of the Government’s sustained austerity drive, we feel we have no option but to recommend to full council next Wednesday a small uplift in the borough council's share of householders' council tax bills.

"If approved, most Chesterfield households will see the amount they pay in council tax for the services provided by Chesterfield Borough Council increase by just 6.4 pence per week."

A council report lists its total savings target for 2019-20 as £429,000.

The report states: "The council has a good track record of delivering balanced budgets.

"The scale of the savings required in future years means that delivering savings and income growth must continue to be a priority for the council."

It adds that 'work is currently underway to explore further commercialisation opportunities, vacancy control, voluntary redundancy and voluntary early retirement and the identification of further areas for income generation'.