SLIDESHOW SPECIAL: Airport closed after cargo jet’s landing gear fails

East Midlands Airport was shut down when the landing gear of a massive cargo plane snapped after landing.

The plane was left stranded on the runway on Tuesday, April 29.

The aircraft is Pushed back into the hanger

The aircraft is Pushed back into the hanger

There were only two people on-board the plane.

Although no one was injured, more than 45 flights were cancelled affecting at least 9,000 passengers.

All flights in and out of the airport were suspended while investigators probe the cause of the accident, which occurred as the Boeing 737-400 was leaving the runway at about 2.30am after a flight from Paris.

A statement on the company’s website read: “The left-hand landing gear of the aircraft suffered a failure after the aircraft had successfully landed and whilst slowing for taxi off the runway.

“The runway remains closed whilst technical examinations take place, but the aircraft will be removed as soon as possible.”

A joint investigation by the UK Air Accident Investigation Brand (AAIB) and the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) is currently taking place.